It's time
for a better
kind of workspace

Arbor has been designed with future-focused technology to provide a seamless working environment.


Work smarter with the Arbor building app which allows seamless access from reception to your workspace and the ability to control your surrounding environment.


No security pass is required, just your mobile phone, for both you and your visitors. A completely contactless journey from reception to your workspace. After passing through the speed gates, a lift will automatically be called and take you to your required floor.


Be the first to hear about all the exciting events in Bankside Yards and locally. Connect with your local community.

Optimised workspace

Control your surrounding environment with the app: bespoke temperature control, lighting and occupational densities.

*Available with occupier enhancement.

Control energy consumption

Smart energy metering through the app means you can monitor your energy consumption in real time, allowing you to make sustainable changes and generate energy savings (available with occupier enhancement).

Wiredscore Platinum

Arbor has been awarded the highest score, due to the exceptional standards for the quality of its wired infrastructure, resilience and wireless network.


Commercial High Rise Development UK - 2021

Office Development UK - 2021

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